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Specializing in Reunion Resort, Reunion Vacation Homes offers the finest selection of privately owned, luxury Reunion rentals that are fully furnished and exquisitely designed to provide your family with the privacy and relaxation you long for all at affordable rates.

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  • How close are you to the airport?

  • How near is Reunion Resort to Walt Disney World® and other area attractions?

  • How much is the deposit to reserve a home?

  • When is the final balance due?

  • What is the compulsory security deposit?

  • How do I place a reservation for one of your Reunion Resort homes?

  • When will I receive my Rental Voucher and arrival instructions?

  • Will I stay in the specific Reunion Resort home I have chosen?

  • Where do I collect the keys to the home?

  • What time can I enter the home and when do I have to depart?

  • Early check-in / out?

  • Do I have access to all of the amenities in Reunion?

  • Are pets allowed in the homes?

  • Are the kitchens fully equipped?

  • Are all linens and towels provided?

  • Are hairdryers provided?

  • Are irons and ironing boards provided?

  • Is there a telephone in the home?

  • Is a housekeeping service provided?

  • Are credit cards accepted?

  • What is your Cancellation Policy?

  • Are there any activities at the resort for children?

  • Are the swimming pools heated?

  • What about Baby Equipment?

  • What are Reunion Vacation Homes' Office Hours?

  • If we have a problem with the home, what should we do?

  • What if I leave personal items behind?

  • Do I need to being toiletries?

  • Do I need to pay for pool heat to have the Spa / Hot tub heated?

  • Will heated pools cool down over night?

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