Jingcho Yang

Ok here's the story:

I was born in California and grew up in the East Bay. Like a proper Asian kid, I studied hard and got myself into Berkeley. Horrah! Engineering was my chosen subject. Yup I'm a nerd. A nerd that play capoeira, organizes big parties and loves to live life to the fullest.

So after college, I went to see the world. I went to Mardi Gras, twice. I went to the Carnaval in Rio, twice. I meandered around South America for a year, herding llamas, bumping along on buses and learning Portuguese and Spanish. Totally fun.

I continued my meanderings to SE Asia, when I came to Bali. Full stop. This was IT. The right place. I met the right girl, she was Balinese, young, and pretty. I took her to dinner and missed my flight home.

Now, here I am six years afterwards. I married that Balinese girl I that made me miss my flight. I've worked for the world's most elite hotel group. On Oct 1, 2012, I became an entrepreneur and started my own villa rental company. Bali is h


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Ungasan, Bali, United States


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