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I am 41 yrs. old, live in Canada and work for a local school division. My family and I have traveled to many amazing places. But when we discovered the southern portion of the Mayan Rivera and its vast natural beauty we new we needed to set roots.
Casa de la Selva is a home base for us and all who use it. Since there is so much to see and do in just a 10 - 15 minuet drive, ppl. can be as busy as they want.
Chan Chemuyil is a very safe community, our 13 yr. old has spent many winter holidays running around the community. Xcacel Beach is about a 3 min. bike ride and is one of the area's best kept secrets. Up the road from the house is a family run and owned cenote in the jungle, a monkey sanctuary that one can visit, some of the best underground cave diving in the world and a jungle out the front door where you watch tropical birds and monkeys in the trees.. If you feel lazy hang out in the hammocks in the porch sipping cold drinks and playing games or reading. We hope you enjoy it.


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