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Chalets des Pins

Chalets des Pins is perfectly nestled along Pine Lake, in a carefully landscaped environment respecting nature and our guest’s privacy. More than 300 acres of ancient forest surround our shinning mountain lake. Here in the early 40s my father, Walter Halbig, established and constructed his genuine corner of paradise, better known today as Chalets des Pins.

My dad was seduced by the beauty of this countryside waterfront, he started to develop this still rugged and wild parcel of land and built his secondary residence facing Lake des Pins, for years it was his weekend retreat and eventually became his main residence. Throughout the years, he passionately constructed and landscaped his splendid property. Nevertheless, visitors and passers-by discovered his well-kept secret. And that is when he decided to actually welcome guests on a regular basis so they could also benefit from this still wild and wonderful place where man and nature can cohabit in mutual respect.

Today, it is in that same family spirit that we continue, Philippe and I, to protect and nurture the grounds. Chalets des Pins combines that tradition of honouring guests with its unique combination of warm hospitality and a promise of happiness and comfort.


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+1 450-834-3401


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