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Dan Harrison is the simple and secure way to book your holiday rental accommodation. We ensure guests are in safe hands all the way through the booking process, from the moment you confirm your stay.
Our philosophy

We offer the following to ensure a completely safe and hassle-free traveller experience: - Online Booking - Guests confirm their booking and pay their deposit to RentalTrips rather than the owner directly using our easy and secure payment system, meaning you don't need to worry about transferring money to strangers. - We know our property owners well - Because we are a dedicated booking service and not a large listing site, we hand-pick our owners carefully and work with them very closely. We cannot afford to have any less than exceptional properties listed on our site. We invest a good deal of money in promoting our listings for each owner and as such we screen every new owner and property carefully to ensure they meet our high standards of reliability, responsiveness and trustworthiness.

RentalTrips is a fast growing provider of 4 and 5 star self-catering accommodation throughout the UK. We specialise in holiday homes with luxury interiors and stunning features such as private indoor pools, games rooms and Jacuzzi’s in popular locations such as Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Norfolk, Hereford and Shropshire.


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February 2013

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London, United Kingdom

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+44 7712 000386

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