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The Red Palm Villas Private Luxury Estate & Resort

Hi, I'm Mike, I am the owner of The Red Palm Villas estate. My partner Jessica and my son Satya and I are very happy and proud to share our amazing landmark property with our family, friends and guests. At The Red Palms we offer a very upscale holiday experience, on a property operated and managed by the owners ensuring attention is paid to every detail from the moment you contact us until you arrive safely back home, we are there if you need us. I have an international staff of 9 available to serve you and assist you and your all needs. We are known in Santa Teresa as the principal Honeymoon Vacation spot due to our privacy, stunning beach views, service, and mostly for our one of a kind ON THE BEACH villas you will never find anywhere else. We really love what we do and it shows and is clearly evident in all our 5 STAR Tripadvisor reviews which have Awarded us for over three years straight as the #1 Beach Front Luxury Accommodations in Santa Teresa. Hope to see you in 2010!


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