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Family-owned and operated, Coastal Cottages AMI offers what you would want in an Anna Maria Island vacation rental company—exceptional properties and quality service with a personal touch. Whether it’s a family vacation or a romantic getaway, CCAMI has something for everyone.

From beachfront to bayside, you can choose from a quaint one-bedroom cottage, a waterfront condo with stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, or a multi-bedroom pool home. CCAMI’s vacation rentals offer authentic island living at an affordable price. Accommodations can be as upscale or as casual as you like and most are pet-friendly so you won’t have to leave your furry family member at home.

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  • Where are you located?

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  • Are your properties pet-friendly?

  • What is your pet fee?

  • What if I rent a non-pet-friendly property and have to bring my pet?

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  • If I have to leave before my Rental Agreement ends, can I have someone else stay in the property?

  • Do you offer a refund if there is inclement weather such as a hurricane or tropical storm?

  • Do I have to clean the rental property before I leave?

  • Is there daily housekeeping service?

  • Do I need to bring my own linens?

  • Do you provide chairs, umbrellas, toys, or other beach-specific items?

  • Will my kitchen be fully equipped?

  • Do you have grills? Gas or charcoal? Do you provide charcoal?

  • Will my property have a bathtub? Hairdryer?

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  • What is the temperature of my rental property’s pool?

  • For those rental properties with pools, are lifeguards provided?

  • How many individuals does my rental property accommodate?

  • What if I don't like the décor of my rental property?

  • What happens if something breaks or doesn’t work while I’m renting?

  • Will I have internet connection, and, if so, will I be charged to connect to the internet?

  • Will I have to pay for telephone service during my stay?

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