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Welcome to my profile :) As you can see from my listings, I am renting the rooms and apartments of my friends in my neighborhood, Cihangir and Galata, where we actually live and hang out. So all the places you see listed at here under my profile are belong to one of my friends.. but I manage their listings. So if you are staying one of our places you will definitely get to see me or my friends, and hang out with us of course only if you wish to do so :) A little info about me.. I have returned back to my city to Istanbul 3 years ago after living abroad for 15 years.. most of my time abroad spent in London and I consider myself East Londoner.. Apart from London with short intervals lived in Lisbon, Amsterdam, The Hague, Dusseldorf and Dubai but now I am enjoying most my hometown: my Istanbul! I backpacked a lot and traveled very much but the places I love travelling most are the far far islands.. My most favorites are: Hawaiian Islands, Oahu and Maui, Cabo Verde near Senegal then Isla Culebra in Puerto Rico and soon I am hoping to reach to BoraBora :)


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