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I have lived in this house and in this part of the country since 12 years now, previously I spent about 6 years in India, learning from Tibetan Masters, I lead meditation sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays, anyone welcome.. This place is full of character, I have tried not to alter it too much, besides introducing heating, and damp proofing... there still is the old range works with coal, and the woodburner in the meditation room. and in the kitchen in the main house. If you like the idea of how it was way in the past.... then here you really will get a true glimpse.. there is no TV nor power showers .. If my guests do not feel like going out to eat, I am happy to prepare simple home cooking, with vegetables from the garden, a pasta or risotto or a stir fry and curry... and rice.. this will incur an extra charge... I love my Guests to feel at home and take home with them happy souveneers, I truly wish that their stay here will be a memorable one


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