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Tres Amigos Island Villas provide a unique experience for travelers looking to unwind, relax and connect with nature. With a full-time staff, private chef and out-of-the-way location, Tres Amigos Island Villas are the ideal location for a family getaway looking to maximize their experience.

The island of Palo Seco is easy to get to and is home to the famous Sea Turtle Preserve that has saved over 10,000 sea turtles in the last few years. Each year, Palo Seco is bombarded with the enormous creatures returning to lay their eggs in the volcanic ash beach.

Because of the strong and constant surf, it's said that Palo Seco has a unique energy that people from all over the world come to experience. In addition to amazing waves and secluded beaches, Palo Seco is surrounded by one of the largest natural Mangroves in the world with a sample of all of the wildlife Costa Rica has to offer.

Booking tours at Tres Amigos Island Villas is easy, including boat tours into into the Mangroves, surfing lessons, jet ski tours, nature walks, wildlife hikes and other nearby attractions like zip-lining tours, white water rafting, National Parks and waterfall hikes.

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