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I live and work in Naples, I love traveling with my wife and my son, and do, booking transfers and accommodation using the internet. Sometimes we travel by car, even over long distances, considering the trip as a part of the holiday.
Some time ago we bought the studio you see in the picture, renovated and furnished, providing it with all the comforts, all the finishing in March 2013. Is 'therefore is short time I started this little business that I really like, because it puts me in touch with travelers like me.
My first guests (Carl and Liliana) loved the location of the apartment, the organization of hospitality, but also the climate and the spread of internet wi-fi 24 hours.
From experienced traveler of travel independently, I would appreciate the apartment not only for comfort, but also for the location central to the most important monuments and attractions of the city (Via Toledo and Galleria Umberto 1 °, Royal Palace, Angevin Castle, Piazza del Plebiscito, old town ....), allowing me to discover it even without a car.
When we travel, especially abroad, we are very careful in choosing the accommodation that meets our needs at the right price, at the same time, we have a great respect for the property of others at that time we are hosting in their home, treating all of the content slot as if it were our own, so that the owners can be happy to have us known, for example by respecting the rules of the house (do not smoke, do not welcome other people outside, etc..). This is what we expect from our guests.


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