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I am a former Californian who, after 13 years in Washington, DC, is now considered an honorary Washington native. Being well traveled both domestically and internationally has given me a great appreciation for the enrichment contact with others brings to our experience. I am well-versed on the 'must-see' sights, monuments and museums of our culturally rich city, along with the unique experiences your find only in Washington. We share that insight with our guests in our property Welcome Guides which we send upon confirmation.

My business is LUXbnb, we offer short-stay properties in wonderful neighborhoods in Northwest Washington including those areas in high demand by visitors, i.e. DuPont Circle, Georgetown, The Palisades and Capitol Hill. Let us know your travel plans and we will find the best fit for your needs. Be generous and share the knowledge of LUXbnb, your source for short-stay rentals in Washington, with your friends, family and colleagues.

We very much enjoy hosting visitors to our Nation's Capital and ensuring that they are able to make the most of their visit.

Charlotte Perry
Founder, LUXbnb
Your short-stay source in Washington.

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