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My wife and I first came to Savannah in 2005. We sold a small rental home we owned in Peachtree City, GA and decided to re-invest in a rental home along the eastern coast. The search was on and it started in Savannah and we worked our way up past Charleston. At the end of the search we came to the realization that we love the look the feel and the general laid back vibe of Savannah.

In general I would say that our top ten reasons of why we love Savannah are below:

10) The low country waterways and the smell of the marsh
9) The proximity to the ocean and all the tributaries
8) Fishing and time on the water
7) The Downtown and all the parks
6) The history of Savannah
5) The hauntings and the stories/myths that lie behind the fables
4) Traveler drinks – Solo cups and alcoholic beverages can be taken for a stroll anywhere in the downtown vicinity
3) SCAD – the fact that the whole downtown also is vibrant with students
2) The Pubs and Bars
1) The many fabulous restaurants

We hope you enjoy your stay in Savannah as much as we enjoy everything that it has to offer.


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