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Mattia I.

I tell you in a few words who I am with the things I like
I Like Turin, a wonderful city with an ancient Roman origin, founded by Emperor Augusto in 28 ac, placed at the crossing of three rivers, at the foot of green hills and surrounded by the overshadowing Alps chain
I like the sea, especially the Mediterranean one, maybe because I spent my first 16 years of vacations in my grandfather's all made of granite house in a little fishermen's village in the Isola d'Elba: almost 3 summer months every year. I think this gave me a sort of imprinting
I like playing with my childreen Zeno and Gilda and I consider myself a child a little too
I belive there's one and only god and that his name is David Wallace, my favourite writer. "Hi, David. How are you doing up there? Please do something impossible: make a great writer out of me or, at least, a writer!"
I love reading; can't live without books
I like eating, cooking and tasting other cooking cultures
I like classic cars
I like playng with LEGO


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