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We live in Barbados most of the year, the other part of the year is spent on Bainbridge Island, Washington. We love island living! We just love our comfortable apartment and spend relaxing weekends there when we need a change of scene from our other home on the south coast of the island. We have furnished the apartment to make it cheerful, comfortable and to have everything you would need to make your stay enjoyable and relaxing. Our property managers respond to calls 24/7 and are there to offer advice on tours, restaurants, etc.. We have put in maps and guide books and a list of the favorite things we like to do which may not be listed in guide books, along with a list of our favorite restaurants. Barbados is our favorite island in the Caribbean, there is so much to do here or you can opt out and just hang loose. The social activities on the island are numerous, from horse racing and polo to fashion shows and great nightlife with lots of live music. Great golf courses as well.


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