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Since 1945, Wilgus Associates has offered a variety of vacation properties in and around Bethany Beach, Delaware. Areas served include Tower Shores, North Bethany, Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Middlesex Beach, Ocean View, Cedar Neck Road, Fenwick Island, and the communities of Sea Colony and Bear Trap.

Properties range from quaint old beach cottages to modern beach homes. Townhouses, condos, and houses are all available. Depending on your needs, there are rentals for just one person and residence for as many as 18 people. If you're interested in a particular amenity, be sure to inquire about it.

Possible comforts include a boat dock, deck, hot tub, pool, kiddie pool, laundry, outside shower, screened porch, elevator, and Internet. You can also look for a pet-friendly property if you so desire. Wilgus Associates ensures that your rental is in presentable condition by keeping it clean and well maintained. If you have a problem, the agency will take immediate steps to help you out.

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