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I live alone with my dog. When you houseshare with me you'll have plenty of privacy and your own bedroom. I want you to feel at home. Up to4 people can houseshare. You can share the living room watching tv with me or have meals with me or you can live your own life and share our space.
If you want to rent my place it is suitable for up to 4 people as a Homeshare. .2-3 in a guest bedroom with a Queen size bed and a futon. I have a sleeper couch and a comfy sofa in the living room as well. $15 pp additional per night over 2.
If you'd care to rent for a week or more I would move out and give you the whole place, suitable for up to 8 maximum. I ask an extra $15 per night for each person beyond 4 when renting (not Homesharing) Make yourselves at home as if you traded homes with someone.
This is a good chance for people to just come up for a weekend or a week to get away if you didn't make hotel reservations on time for the ski season.
Feel comfortable to ask me any questions that you may have. I haven't posted pix of my interior yet but it is the same layout as my 'B' side which you can see listed under 'COZY MOUNTAINVIEW DUPLEX'.
It's a cozy, eclectic theme throughout the home. Come visit me and my dog Hershey or come make your own memories with friends or family.


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