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Florencia V.

Hi!! My name is Florencia but you can call me Flor, as all my friends do!

I'm a System Analyst , who lives in Palermo Hollywood and loves Buenos Aires.

I like doing a lot of sport. Running in Palermo's Parks and also training Cross fit. For fun and fit I dance Reggeaton too!

One of my quirkiest hobbies is try a new restaurant every week, mainly because I LOVE eating, specially experiment different kind of cuisines.

I'm happy when I spend my time with my many friends. I'd always like to share special moments with them!

I have a a bit of a matchmaker in me so If you need some advice for dating a girlfriend or boyfriend, you will not regret to ask me!

I will be thrilled if you have the oportunity of visit our amazing country.
There is so many things to do. It would be almost impossible for you to get bored, the offer is so wide that you do not want to miss anything here!!

My motto in life is: how much more you experience life, you live better!

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