Christine B.

Born in 1962 in Germany, my mom was from Columbia, my dad was from Germany. Since the age of 5, I moved from country to country and was exposed to many different cultures: Spain, Columbia, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Belize, Guatemala, Switzerland, France, USA … My parents would never speak to my brother and myself in German, therefore, I never learnt German.
My mom, Luz Acevedo was an artist who exposed her oil paintings in major permanent expositions such as “El Jardin del Arte” in Mexico City, and Tepozotlan (Mexico State).
I studied to be a biochemist engineer and I discovered at a young age that I love paintings. I self taught myself different techniques such as oil color, water colors, acrylics and collage. My love for arts and my passion as a bio-engineer bring me to my current project: acrylic painting on natural leaves from plants found in the Yucatan peninsula (by Cancun on the Mexican Riviera) in Mexico.
I have worked in the eco-archaeological park, Xcaret, as a pr


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