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Sri Lanka is a beautiful island paradise that my family has always had a close affection for. My father and I established Ceilão Villas in early 2012 as a means of sharing some of our holiday properties and the distinct experiences our family had, with those who visit Sri Lanka. Each of our properties have been built to encompass all the amenities of modern day living whilst seamlessly blending into the local environment.

The beach villa in Kabalana was built as our very own private getaway and as such is filled with all the little luxuries that one could wish for while enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

The eco-villa in Kirinda was my father’s favourite escape. My family has always had a love for the wilderness and living amongst the animals in our very own jungle retreat was always a highlight.

The boutique hotel in Colombo was built in the 1980s and was my mothers' family home. It was recently refurbished blending the contemporary architecture with my love of minimalist style. The concept of this property was to give our guests the feeling of escaping to a private oasis while still being in the bustling city of Colombo.

We have a dedicated team at Ceilão Villas that make every visit back a pleasure.

It is with great delight that we invite you to try all that is Ceilão Villas.


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