James Nelson

My name is Jim Nelson and I’m from Albuquerque, NM. I’m a helicopter pilot in the Army getting ready to retire from the military after 30 years. The Casita has been a dream project of mine for many years. Staying in the Casita reminds me what life is really about. The people of La Paz don’t seem to let time rule them, their stress levels are way down or almost nonexistent. If you really need to unwind, and want total privacy, than my Casita is for you. As you probably already know, the La Paz area is a great place to experience life and have a great adventure. “Life begins on the outer edge of your comfort zone”
Why This Property?
I bought the lot and built the Casita in the La Paz area because I had such a great time visiting La Paz. The flight to La Paz from the west coast is short. The board walk in La Paz is by far the most beautiful I’ve seen to include anywhere in the Caribbean. I always feel a sense of adventure while I’m in La Paz and I’ve helped give my family and friends memories they’ll never forget. I’ve been traveling the world over for 30 years in the military and I still love the peace and tranquility of the Casita and local area.

Unique Benefits
I love watching the sunrise over the water with the City of La Paz in the back ground. The Casita sits on 1.5 acres with over a 100 small palm trees. There are always birds to watch on the beach and humming birds flying around the casita. The Casita is so private that I’m not concerned about what I’m wearing, no one will know or care. I also enjoy walking to anyone of the different restaurants in the area.


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