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My name is Seesan E.. My wife and I own vacation rentals mainly in USA (Juneau, Alaska, and Las Vegas Nevada). We reside in the United States and are US citizens. We also own vacation rentals (apartment/flat) in Thirssur, Kerala, India. This is not a motel or hotel.

We have been in business since 1986. For many years Iwe have built our business through “word of mouth” and through classified ads. But now majority of clients find our rentals through my Internet marketing.

We have total 6 rental properties that I personally manage and market.

For the past 30+ years I worked full time in the accounting field in government and in private as well. I run my own internet Internet Marketing business on part time basis. I pursue my passion in real estate and vacation rentals on a full time basis.

I’ve learned the rental business by helping my grandpa and my father in managing rental properties owned by them.

I now use my Internet marketing background and managing background to create a very effective vacation rental business.


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  • Can you provide some details about the place - Thrissur?

  • I have read about the famous Thrissur Pooram and Pulikkali. Is this apartment nearby?

  • My wife and I are interested if Thrissur has Rejuvenating Clinics. Can you tell us more?

  • We are from Italy; our friends had visited Thrissur last year. My family plans on traveling outside of our country and are interested to know more about calibrations and festivals that take place in Thrissur

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