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Sonja and Andrew - Image

Sonja and Andrew

Bula ,
In search of a tropical South Pacific adventure we packed up our little family and moved from New Zealand to Fiji in February of 1999. Lured by the warm weather, sunny days in winter and relaxed life style we bought land and built our own little hidden paradise to share with guests. Over the years we have fallen in love with Fiji. We find the Fijian and Indian people to be very friendly and hospitable.They always have time to talk and smile.Fiji has been a very safe and friendly environment for our family
We have 5 organic acres and grow fruits and vegetables for our selves and to share with guests.
The waterfront guest accommodation is totally separate from where we live ensuring privacy for all.
We are available for questions, help and assistance when needed.Andrew is a keen fisherman and a saxophonist as well as a creative craftsman Sonja likes yoga, cooking and enjoys art.
We look forward to sharing this slice of Paradise with you.


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