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Our name is what we do. We provide Select Vacation Rentals in a select number of areas such as, Puerto Vallarta or Punta Mita. We are Selective in the Puerto Vallarta Vacation rentals we take on so that we have a good mix. The mix is always evolving so that we can maximize both the guest options and the owner’s occupancy rate. High occupancy = better up keep = better vacation.

We don’t own every property, in fact we only own one, but we take ownership of each and every guest experience. 90% of what we can control happens in the booking process and coordination of the local management teams (our boots on the ground). We use top of the line reservation software that automates all the repetitive, boring and error prone steps that it takes to complete a vacation rental. This results in quick replies on inquiries, complete rental agreements, accurate accounting, and timely communications every step of the way. More importantly, it frees us up to do the important job of helping you find the best vacation spot for you and your family or group.

Your rental experience won’t stop with you sending us a check for the booking. We provide guest only welcome letters, sample weeks itinerary, language tips, and everything you need to help you get ready, get there, money saving tips, etc. so you can enjoy your vacation, and just have fun. For some properties we can arrange for pickup at the airport, daily maid service and even a full time chef. We also have a few special tours we can suggest (and we don’t make a commission). Let us know what help you need and we will do our best during your stay at one of our Puerto Vallarta condos or Punta Mita condo or villa rentals.


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