Gene Oliver

Gene Oliver has an understanding of change, human behavior, and communications. For many years he worked in the business community in sales, management, regional leadership, systems analyst and corporate cultural change. He does counseling in personal, life, relationships and businesses going through change using the principles in his books.

He has committed years of study and practical application to the understanding of personal growth, human behavior and how we deal with change. He searched the disciplines of Mythology, Psychology, and World Spiritual Teachings. He could not find an individual book that made it simple. The complexity of his study has been distilled into 7 Simple Principles that assist people in transcending the fears and emotions that control their lives. It is crafted and designed to articulate clearly, concisely, and simply, life's journey through the many paths of change. It is the result of years of personal work, experience with guiding others, and a reflection of the process involved. Gene embraces the joy of life, inspires spontaneity, and conjures the spirit of growth to all. He has facilitated the journey of many--setting them steadfast along the path towards the rediscovery of spirit, aspiration and motivation in their own lives. Additionally, these very simple tools enable people to lead others, facilitate change and create environments of productivity within lives. Gene has conducted seminars and workshops for over 10,000 people and 200 companies sharing these simple principles. The information is now presented in his book. He continues to counsel individuals in their personal growth on a one-to-one basis.

“Working with Gene is an experience in healing far beyond what I would have normally expected. His gentle, wise and crystal clear approach allowed me to feel seen and heard. His sessions seemed to spark a natural insight on what was needed for me to heal. It was though his wisdom and integrity was contagious. Not only did I feel better after my sessions but I was able to make better choices that were in alignment with my values and intentions. This is a phenomenon I see in true healers, those who not only mastered their practice but who have the quality of being those with whom they work with the courage and insight to live a more authentic life.”
Angela Le
Gene is a delicate spirit and a strong teacher. In a few short mornings days he helped identify and initiate the work on an emotional block present for many months. Already, I have experienced an inner shift that will serve as momentum for change. His guidance fell in many areas from my personal to business to spiritual life. In every category, he paused to ensure that I understood the connectedness of each subject and how mastery in one, lead to mastery in all ultimately coalescing into consciousness.

His business advice was sound and savvy and provides new direction for my company. His relationship insight provided practical tools for applying to my everyday course of dealing with others. Most of all, his wisdom provided new avenues for thought and action in evolving relationship to Spirit.


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