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I have been in guest services management since I was 17. I want you to experience your home, on vacation, to be an amazing experience. Many of us work, or have worked for companies that say the guest is first, but don't actually back it up, and put the rest of us in the middle.I will not have this mediocrity here. I want every person that makes my home theirs, to know that I will do all I can to make their trip to Puerto Vallarta, the most memorable they have ever had. I am starting with amazing basics, a land and country that is incredibly beautiful and rich, a people that are some of the most kind and welcoming that I have ever met, and a location and home that is in the middle of everything, with all that you need, on the ocean, close to nightlife, and a quiet night on the balcony. It is not a five star hotel, but everything that you need, when you need it. I truly am invested in your experience here, you will not hear from me, unless needed, but I will do all I can to ensure your days in Puerto Vallarta, are some of the best you will ever have. -John


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