Todd C.

Originally from San Diego, I’ve been living in San Francisco for 4 years. I travel a lot–for my job as a technology consultant, and also just because I love the surprise of the unknown. I love to learn about new places, people and cultures.

I have a large family thats spread across the united states. I like to be in harmony with the world around me. Wow, that sounds new age, but I’m very down to earth ;-) I like to read a lot and keep up with many things–politics, social issues, culture, travels, people.

I especially value humor, being able to laugh at yourself, being able to communicate, culture in general, social issues, staying healthy, and the freedom to think out of the box.

I also like Woody Allen films, swimming, hearing people’s stories, and simply talking with people.

Another passion of mine is leasing short term & long terms rentals to people like yourself who are needing accommodations for their vacation or for work. It's very important to me that you have a memorable stay. I use a professional cleaning and concierge service called airenvy who will be giving you a high quality stay.


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