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The Key To Italy is one of the most clear, informative & honest description accommodation sites on the web today.
- We are all about excellent properties, trust and personal service.
- We personally choose and inspect all of our apartments to give you the best comfort.
- All of our apartments are in the historical center of Rome & Venice
- Our staff is fluent in English to help you at any time with your reservation.
- We only work with honest descriptions, transparent and fair pricing, untouched photos.

Professionally managed accommodations mean you get high standard accommodations, no surprises, no inexperienced owners to deal with.

Having helped thousands and thousands of travelers over the years means we have seen all sorts of things and we have learned how to prevent troubles and manage unexpected situations.

Little things can make a lot of difference in your vacation.

Ask as many questions as you want before booking, we will be more than happy to answer and help you out.

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