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Gene and Sandy Kalvelage

We are the Kalvelage's from NE. Married 36 years. We own 4 walk in 2 bedroom condos in our favorite place to get away to; Branson, Missouri.

We purchased our Getaway condo in May 2006 after searching over 1 year. We loved the location, brook, screened porch, floor plan, & knew we could improve it to make it a relaxing getaway.

After not being happy using a management company the 1st year, starting June 2007, Sandy began managing it.

Our family grew with more grandchildren. We bought our Retreat condo right next door in the same building. With only a few steps a part, it was perfect when the whole family came. We started to rent the Retreat in June 2010.

In Pointe Royale Golf Village, 24 condos back up to a park like brook setting; complete with a waterfall, landscaped brook and pond with a lovely gazebo. We bought one of the walk in condos in 2010. Spring 2012, we bought another. Since they are only a building apart, they offer us another option for when our kids & grandchildren visit Branson with us. We started offering these to our guests too. One beginning Nov 2012 and the other starting March 2013. With 4 condos we've decided that is enough.

We are blessed with 2 grown children, a son-in-law, & 4 loving grandchildren.

We look forward to having you spend your vacation in one of our vacation condos.


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