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My husband, Geoff Jenkins, and I live in Calgary, Canada for where, for the past 30 years, we have owned and operated a small consulting firm currently involved in the management of large oil and gas projects. We are also responsible for the care of family near Falmouth, Cornwall. This involves trips to England each year and daily communications with Cornwall.

We purchased Puffins in March 2008, and entirely renovated this small studio flat with it's unbeatable views for our own comfort, pleasure and work requirements when we are in Cornwall. We now have a good number of guests who join us in considering Puffins their Falmouth home and few things make us happier!

In late 2012, as the time approaches when we shall be returning to Cornwall to live, we purchased "No 5 at Port Pendennis," which has all the great qualities of Puffins (and then some!) with three times the space. As "No 5" is designed to be a permanent home, we are able to accommodate guests who wish longer stays until we are able to move in permanently ourselves.

Both our properties are renowned for their freshness, the fantastic views and convenient location, our attention to detail and the immaculate condition in which they are maintained


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