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Sonoma County is the ideal destination for the perfect California getaway. All of the state’s finest offerings are at your fingertips in this fair region, and it’s easy to take advantage of the variety. Golden hills roll and glisten in the sunlight as birds fly overhead and wildlife scatters to and fro. Renowned vineyards are tucked away off the road, ready to share their grapes with you, some aged and some new. Majestic redwoods tower above, transporting those who walk amongst them to a time of dinosaurs and giant butterflies. The Pacific Coast beckons like a siren, calling to passersby and luring them toward the sea. Visitors can rent a cabin in the woods, or a lovely home near the quaint downtown area where plenty of wineries and restaurants await within walking distance. Maybe you’d prefer to spend your vacation with an ocean view, or in a beautiful house on top of a hill overlooking the valley. There are accommodations for any kind of stay, and it’s hard to choose which version of paradise to enjoy. Get to know your rustic surroundings by taking a tour of the dynamic wine country or biking through town. There are many opportunities to take out a kayak or spend the day hiking to the perfect picnic spot to enjoy local cheeses and beverages. Treat yourself to a spa treatment or a fancy gourmet dinner after a day of adventures, and bring back a special bottle of red or white for your loved ones back home so you can share a little piece of your amazing vacation with them when you return.

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Sonoma Canopy Tours - Activity
Sonoma Canopy Tours
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6250 Bohemian Highway, Occidental, CA 95465
Nestled off Northern California’s coast and deep in the Redwoods, Sonoma Canopy Tours is nature’s way of offering high adventure. Come enjoy a 2½ hour guided tour that includes 7 adrenaline-pumping ziplines, one over 800’ long, 2 sky bridges, a majestic spiral staircase, and a rappel back to the forest floor.
What you see will amaze you! From panoramic forest views to thrillingly deep ravines, you’ll get the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for—right in the heart of Sono... read more