FlipKey Presents: Special Offers

Written by: Dan Weisman

Happy New Year! Here at FlipKey we’re gearing up for a big year in 2011. Get ready for lots of great improvements that will make renting a vacation home easier and more convenient than ever. If you’ve already started searching for your next vacation destination, then you may have noticed a new product feature that debuted recently: special offers. Vacation rental owners and managers can now easily promote limited-time deals and offers right on their property listings.

What’s a special offer?

A special offer is any limited-time promotion including discounts and special rates, freebies and giveaways, and limited time incentives. We’ve already seen a full range of offers from free nights to free Flip cameras.

How do special offers work?

Owners and managers can easily set up specials directly in their account dashboard – it’s free! While specials don’t influence a property’s place in the rankings, they do help listings stand out. Travelers who are interested in a special should remember to mention the offer when inquiring about a property.

… so what are some great offers?

New offers appear all the time, so it’s impossible to generate a list of all the great specials on FlipKey. Here are a few deals that stood out this week:

In 2011 FlipKey aims to deliver the best and easiest vacation rental search experience available anywhere. Your dream vacation home is out there, and we’re doing everything we can to help you find it.

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