Increase Bookings by Staying in Touch With Guests

Like most vacation rental owners, you’re probably looking for new ways to increase your bookings. An easy way to do this is by simply inviting back former guests with which you’ve had a positive experience. In general, keeping an existing customer is much cheaper than trying to find a new one, and there’s the added bonus of not having to explain the logistics to former visitors since they have already stayed in your home. Here are a few ways that you can increase the likelihood of a previous guest returning to your vacation home.

Send a thank you note after your guest’s stay

Let your guests know you value their patronage by sending them a nice email or a hand-written thank you note. Guests will appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge their decision to spend their trip in your home over the others in the surrounding area.

Create a feedback survey

After a booking, invite your guests to answer a few questions to see how you can improve your accommodation. Create a survey that allows visitors to give constructive feedback on what can make your vacation rental a better experience. You can use either a paper or email survey, like SurveyMonkey, and can ask guests a range of questions on topics like cleanliness, amenities, and comfort level. Not only will this feedback help you improve your service, it will also let guests know you care about providing the best possible experience.

Send a holiday card

When December rolls around, wish your guests a happy holiday season with a greeting card. While you can include a picture of your vacation rental, be careful not to make it a sales pitch. A holiday greeting card that’s genuine can make a great impression on former guests.

Offer a special amenity or discount

Offering a special deal or incentive to potential repeat renters is another great way to entice them back to your vacation home. You could knock off 10% of the total cost of the rental or maybe offer a special gift, like a gift certificate to a local spa, for a couple that has previously spent a week in your home. Adding amenities can often work better than discounts, not only because they can be cheaper as they are an investment, but also because they focus on enriching the entire experience of your guests.

So by putting in a little extra effort in maintaining a friendly relationship with your guests and keeping the lines of communication open, you increase your chances of securing their loyalty and quite possibly their future reservations.

Happy Bookings!




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