How to Transform your Rental into the Perfect Holiday Hideaway

For many vacation rental owners the winter months bring holiday travelers looking to capture the magic that this time of year is famous for, so it’s the perfect time for you to get into the spirit with seasonal décor and treats. Decorating your vacation home and leaving “little extras” for your guests to enjoy will not only make their stay during the holiday season more memorable, but this type of superstar customer service will give you a greater chance of generating positive reviews and referrals. Below are a few simple tips on how to create an even more inviting space for your winter guests.

  • Greet your guests with a spread of local goodies and snacks that are reminiscent of the season. An easy go-to for the colder holiday months is hot cocoa and eggnog. You can leave hot cocoa mix and holiday themed mugs as a “little extra” for guests. If a family is renting your home you could provide holiday cookie ingredients and cookie cutters as an activity for them to do during their stay, or if you enjoy baking you can always whip up a batch before your visitors arrive and leave them on a festive platter. Another family friendly activity you can leave out for travelers is a gingerbread house kit. It’s a fun way to celebrate the season and it will help keep the kids occupied for a bit, a gift many parents will appreciate.
  • Extend the seasonal charm throughout the rest of your vacation home with holiday scented candles and soaps, flannel sheets, and festive hand towels for the bathroom and kitchen. You can even place some poinsettias throughout your home, and maybe even hang up some mistletoe to help your guests get into the holiday spirit!
  • If your home is in a region that traditionally experiences snowfall, leave your guests with a couple of sleds to enjoy your winter wonderland. Along with sleds, consider leaving additional outerwear in case guests are not prepared for a snowy climate. Or, for those who would prefer to experience those flurries from afar, you could also leave out a few classic holiday movies for their enjoyment.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and craft your own ideas for spreading holiday cheer this year. Take advantage of the countless possibilities the winter and holiday themes provide, and relish the fact that you’ll be able to achieve all of this while remaining thrifty and still generate positive feedback from your guests. Leaving out little gifts for guests will put a smile on their face and a 5 star review on your listing.

Happy Bookings!


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Improving Your Business is Our Business: Marketing Vacation Rentals Made Easy

Written by: Dan Weisman

Here at FlipKey, we spend a lot of time thinking up ways to help vacation home owners and property managers get the most from their properties. Helping to keep every property listed on FlipKey and TripAdvisor booked solid keeps us up at night. The good news is that all the sleepless nights are clearly worth it, as the average listing on TripAdvisor and FlipKey is currently receiving more than 75 inquiries annually. We know that vacation rentals are the best accommodation option for many trips, and we won’t rest until we spread that message to the world’s travelers.

Believe it or not, we’re not the only ones obsessed with helping others succeed at renting their homes, which is why we asked Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner, of FullyBookedRentals, to write a comprehensive guide to vacation rental marketing. The Glossbrenners put their years of experience down on paper and came up with Vacation Rental Marketing Made Easy. We are proud to offer you their insight as a free guide to converting page views to inquiries, and finally to bookings. The marketing guide features tips on all the important aspects of a successful vacation rental marketing program, including:

  • Creating and fine-tuning your advertising program
  • What to look for in advertising websites
  • Creating your own website
  • Making your listings stand out from the crowd and
  • Creative ways to boost your bookings
  • And (much) more

You can always access the marketing guide through the link in the upper right-hand corner of this blog. Also, feel free to tell your friends about the guide. Good marketing techniques are not industry secrets – they’re great ideas that can work for everyone. Put the wisdom of other vacation rental owners to work, share your home with new guests, and keep your past guests coming back again and again.

Finally, remember to check in regularly with the FlipKey blog to learn the latest news, tips, and tidbits (or better yet, sign up for our RSS feed). And don’t hesitate to throw your two-cents into the comments. After all, no one knows more about vacation rentals than the owners and managers who rent them and the travelers who stay in them.