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Rental owners cannot delete a review. However, rental owners can protest a review to FlipKey in case of a serious problem not allowed in our Terms of Service.

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Newest reviews on FlipKey

Very pleasant stay at Sun Lake

By Louie on 4/18/2014

You can not go wrong with this Condo! Well maybe if you had a big party. We were a family of 3 looking to enjoy Disney World, Universal stud... more

The caretakers of the property were very friendly and welcoming, offering lots of suggestions for meals and site seeing. The cottages were ... more

Great condo!

By Leslie on 4/18/2014

We had an outstanding family vacation in Maui and a lot of it was due to this condo! From start to finish the process for renting was easy. ... more

Just perfect!!!

By Chris on 4/18/2014

Stayed here last week with my fiancé and it was a blast!!! Perfect location right near the beach. The place was perfect for any couple no m... more