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Managing your online reputation means more than collecting and displaying verified guest reviews of your vacation rental properties. An additional component is the ability to engage in direct dialogue with your past guests by using FlipKey’s ‘Manager Response’ feature.

By responding to guest reviews, managers are taking the next step and engaging in a public dialogue with their consumers, a powerful tactic and integral part of maintaining a company’s consumer brand. In an industry hungry for more consumer confidence, vacation rental managers can benefit substantially from this.

Below are several examples from managers that are using the ‘Manager Response’ tool on FlipKey to effectively engage their current consumers and present themselves to prospective guests.

Clarifications and Additional Property Details
Using the Response feature, property managers clarify information in their guest reviews and provide additional details about the property. Franconia Notch Vacations uses the Manager Response to clarify the maximum occupancy of the home and the repercussions of breaking these rental rules.

Franconia Notch review response

A response from Franconia Notch Vacations in Franconia, NH clarifies information in this guest review.

Addressing Specific Guest Experiences
Here Escape 2 Florida Homes responds to a guest review and provides specific information about the pool and the hot tub in this vacation home. By displaying this public dialogue, future consumers learn how diligent this property manager is about customer service and the satisfaction of their guests.
Escape 2 Florida review response
Escape 2 Florida Homes in the Orlando, FL area uses the Manager Response to address specific guest information and highlight their hospitality services.

Thanking Your Guests on a Public Forum

Vacation property managers also use the Manager Response tool simply to publicly thank their guests. With this personal response, Surfside Realty demonstrates the hands-on nature of vacation rentals and includes the direct email of their guest services coordinator. Responding and creating a guest-manager dialogue on a third-party site adds to the trusted nature of the verified guest review.
Surfside Realty review response
Surfside Realty, Myrtle Beach, SC thanking a guest for their review.

Managing your reputation online does more than increase consumer confidence – it also helps you manage consumer expectations. With the help of guest reviews and direct dialogue with the Manager Response, vacation rental managers can add more to their property listings and services information. More information provides potential guests with a better sense of each home, making it easier to match a guest’s expectations with the right property and create a better vacation experience.