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Big Bear Vacation Rentals – Where there is no off-season

I recently had the opportunity to visit Big Bear Lake, CA and meet with several of the leading property managers in the area. I had never been to Big Bear Lake, but I understood the area as a unique skiing getaway for local Los Angeles residents. As I was visiting in the middle of June I assumed the town would be in hibernation as it waited for the ski season to ramp up… I was wrong.

To my surprise, Big Bear Lake features a vibrant summer community. Featuring a comfortable 75 degree breeze off the lake, I found many Palm Springs, LA and Ontario residents frequenting the area to escape the heat and bustle of “sea level California.”

I was able to secure a vacation rental home through Big Bear Vacation Rentals and spent the night sharing laughs and drinks with Nick Lanza and Cheri Scott (the owner and marketing manager of Big Bear Vacation Rentals, respectively). Within a few hours we had taken a boat ride around Big Bear Lake, enjoyed a wonderful meal at a local lakeside restaurant and then finished the evening with some games of pool and nightcaps at a neighborhood house party. When the night was over it was hard to believe that it was only Tuesday.

Big Bear Vacation Rentals:

 Big Bear Vacation Home, back patio

I have since recommended the area to my family that lives in the Los Angeles area and have a new sense of appreciation for the year-round advantages certain vacation rental destinations maintain. I am looking forward to visiting Big Bear again this winter, but I’ll be sure to keep this in mind as a recommendation to friends and family for an excellent vacation spot anytime during the year.

Thanks again to my wonderful hosts at Big Bear Vacations… Click here to read my FlipKey review of my Big Bear Lake vacation rental experience.

Back patio of my Big Bear Vacation Rental:

 Big Bear Vacation Home, back patio