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Rising Tide at VRMA – Alex Risser and ‘Save VRMA’ Challenge Board

In the past few weeks there has been growing discourse over the proposed bi-laws of VRMA and the future direction of the organization.

 Save VRMA

FlipKey has invested heavily in the promotion of the vacation rental industry and supports multiple organizations (VRMA, Discover Vacation Homes, CFVRMA, etc.) to further the collective interests of our industry.

To that effect, we felt it was prudent to make our readers aware of Alex Risser’s (President, Outer Beaches Realty) Save VRMA campaign.   Although this is not an endorsement of any particular party, we do feel it’s important our readers are aware of the emerging issues that are being addressed at this years annual VRMA Board Meeting.

This information is taken from www.savevrma.com where you can find additional information on the current issues, what Alex is proposing and your options as a VRMA member.

If you are a VRMA member you should have received meeting notes from last years annual board meeting, Restated By Laws of VRMA and a proxy vote form.  Please consult these materials to understand all aspects of this year’s voting issues, topics and positions.

————Taken from SaveVRMA.com————–

We, the undersigned, collectively urge Vacation Rental Managers Association members to give their general proxy to VRMA Board Member Alex Risser so that he will have the voting power to bring about some urgently needed changes in VRMA’s management and direction.

We believe that VRMA is our best hope of addressing urgent technology, political and economic trends that are threatening our industry.

We have reluctantly concluded that VRMA’s current management, while having done a good job coordinating conferences for our members, has done too little in expanding VRMA’s membership and participation in issues that are too large for any individual member, including:

  • National promotion of vacation rental homes to hotel customers;
  • Educating renters to differentiate managed from self-managed rental homes;
  • Community restrictions on vacation rentals;
  • The lack of a central industry website to compete with rent-by-owner sites;
  • Legislative initiatives that would make flood insurance more expensive or unavailable.