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Over the years vacation rental managers have become intimately familiar with the value and importance of their website.  With 80% of consumers using the internet to research and purchase their travel plans, our websites become our most important marketing front.

Over the years we have observed vacation rental manager sites becoming more sophisticated, easier to use and overall a more enjoyable experience. Whether managers are making the investments internally or leveraging industry experts, such as Blizzard Marketing or Blue Tent Marketing, the message is clear, “vacation rental websites are REALLY important.”

As such, I wanted to emphasize one basic, but critical recommendation:


Your website needs to be browser compatible.

What that means, is that your website must, at a minimum work properly for all supported versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.


To the geeks out there, this is a no brainer, but for many of us Firefox is still a fairly new name. Without getting into the details, Firefox is the #2 browser in the market and as of today has officially laid claim to 20% markets share based on a report from Net Applications.

There was a day when only the technophiles used Firefox, but at 20% market share you can safely assume the average consumer is also using Firefox.  So, whether you manage your website internally or use an agency, be sure to require that your site work seamlessly with all supported versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer…. In addition, given Apple’s continued rise in popularity we would suggest adding Safari to that list.

(Browser market share graph taken from Wikipedia).