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Guest Author:Michael McFadden do_good

Company: VacationHomesForCharity.org (powered by TheSociety.com)

Title: Co-Founder and CEO


















What is VacationHomesForCharity?

 charityVacationHomesForCharity promotes doing “good” with vacation homes.We have streamlined the process of donating time at a vacation home for fund raising events that benefit charities and non-profit organizations.Now charities and non-profits can easily source vacation homes for their live auctions or raffles.Meanwhile, vacation home owners now have a resource that will manage the logistics of their donations.We do all the work and make sure the donated home and managing company are promoted at the event.We also ensure payment for cleaning.It’s very easy to sign up just go to www.VacationHomesForCharity.org/give























How many rentals have you procured for charity thus far?Money raised?

We have donated 8 homes to date and have over 40 other events firm on our schedule in 2009.We expect to donate 1000 nights in 2009 to charities and non-profits.We have helped raised over $40,000 to date and target a quarter million dollars in donations for 2009.

What types of homes are being offered?Modest cottages or high-end palaces?

We utilize all shapes and sizes.In general the home donations are between $200/night and $20,000/night and we ask for a minimum 4 night donation.We make sure that the charity and the winning bidder knows exactly what they are winning.We generate all the marketing materials for the charity and their invitees. The goal is to make it so easy all vacation home owners will get involved and give a week.

Is it a stretch to say Vacation Rentals can save the world?

No way. Vacation rentals can save the world!Okay, save the world is a bit of a stretch but it’s not a stretch to say they can make a considerable difference.The reality is there are hundreds of thousands of charities and non-profits that need help raising money.What better way to help than donating a week.Not to mention we make sure the home is promoted at the event and on various websites.It’s a win-win-win situation.

Any interesting stories in getting this concept off the ground?





































Every day is amazing.Working the people that dedicate their lives to helping others is awesome.Whether they are fighting for kids, animals, education, disease or the arts these people are changing the world.In November I attended the Tony Hawk Foundation event where Tony Hawk, Sean White and other celebrities hosted a fabulous fund raising event and raised money for public skateboard parks in low-income communities.Our donors at Pullen Realty and Chase International donated a 5 night stay at a wonderful estate in Tahoe.It raised $10,000 for the foundation.

Another story related to matching homes to charities is the donation from Lifestyle Villas in Cabo.They donated a stay in the Blue Sea Compound (an amazing beach villa) to help benefit The Ocean Institute.It was a perfect match and raised $11,000 for the charity.