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Top 10 Movies That Make Us Want to Book a Vacation Rental

Here at FlipKey, we’ve compiled a list that combines two of our favorite artifacts of summer: blockbuster movies and a prime vacation rental season.  Here are our top 10 movies that will inspire any audience to consider a vacation rental for their next getaway…

Dirty Dancing: This classic ’80s tale about coming of age is quite possibly one of the most memorable chick flicks of all time.  Set in a Catskills cabin rental resort, this film is highly memorable, not only for Patrick Swayze’s performance and his “fresh” moves, but mostly for the “magic” that happens at the family’s rental cabin!

Spanglish:  In this Adam Sandler drama, we see how one family’s summer at a beach vacation rental can turn into a life changing experience.  When their maid is asked to come along and family drama ensues even at their Malibu summer beach house, they are forced to re-evaluate their ways and better appreciate the beauty of the little things in life… including the idyllic vacation rental they were sharing together.

What About Bob: The eccentic Bob (Bill Murray) can’t stand the thought of his psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfuss) heading to a New Hampshire vacation rental without him, so he does what every sane person would do…follow him!  This oddly hilarious flick will leave you yearning for your own Bob, and your own vacation getaway.

The Notebook:  In this ultimate heart-breaking, tear-jerking, chick flick, the main character, Allie, (Rachel McAdams) falls head over heels for a local construction worker, Noah (Ryan Gosling) while spending the summer at a vacation home in South Carolina.  Sigh…summer love.

American Pie 2: The Michigan lake house rental in this flick provides the backdrop for the raunchy hilarity these kids experience during their last summer of ‘freedom’ before going out into the working world.  Even Stifler’s Mom makes an appearance at their summer rental…

Somethings Gotta Give
: This film is the timeless love story of boy loves girl, boy meets girl’s mom, boy loves girl’s mom.  Ok, so it’s a little twisted but we love Diane Keaton in this film and her stunning Hampton’s vacation home as the perfect setting for this quirky tale to unfold.

The Holiday:  Fed up with their lives, two strangers decide to swap homes to ‘get away.’ Cameron Diaz ends up trading her posh LA mansion for the lovely and quaint English country cottage owned by Kate Winslet’s character.  In the end, both Winslet and Diaz end up with some peace of mind and some unexpected love (hello Jude Law!) Thank you, holiday home!

Weekend at Bernies: Ok, ok, we know it’s about a dead guy and his employees that use him to gain access to his beach property, but this cult classic is a fave at FlipKey, we just can’t help it.  Plus the Hampton’s beach resort is so enticing; it makes up for the dead guy.

Summer Rental: This comedy starring the legendary John Candy is your classic summer vacation movie.  Candy plays an overworked Dad who rents a Florida vacation rental for the summer. When he meets both friends and foes, hilarity ensues…

Dan in Real Life: This atypical romantic comedy has Steve Carrell delivering his sharp wit in a down-to-earth yet offbeat role.  We especially love the hectic family reunion scenes in their Rhode Island vacation rental.