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A-list Vacation Rental Soirées: Kate Hudson and A-Rod Edition

Vacation rentals are a great housing option when planning a vacation, but have you ever considered renting a vacation home the next time you’re planning a birthday or wedding? Vacation rentals can be an ideal alternative to hotel reception venues and banquet halls. Whether you’re looking to plan your event near or far, there are vacation rentals available all over the world for rent, many of which can add a unique charm and special character to your evening.

For instance, in New York City, many residents look to vacation rentals outside of the city when planning their events. Not only does this approach save some green on high city rental rates, but it allows for an exciting event at a private location. In fact, a vacation rental or mansion can make for an incredibly luxurious and exclusive celebration experience. With this in mind, we’re taking a page from some of Hollywood’s finest and noting the trend that celebrities are shaking things up, looking for unique vacation rentals to hold their festivities.

To illustrate, Hollywood starlet and long time party girl, Kate Hudson, recently planned an A-list soiree for her New York Yankee boyfriend, A-Rod’s, birthday on July 25th at a vacation rental home she rented in Westchester County, NY. This exclusive destination was able to provide the right sized venue, privacy and luxurious atmosphere Hudson’s party planners were looking for. The home was the perfect size for the 100 guest roster, which saw the likes of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Decorated with white flowers and candles flickering under the twilight, it was a perfect setting for a truly spectacular birthday bash.

So, for your next big soirée, party like a rockstar, celebrity, or major league ball player, and don’t forget to consider a vacation rental for your venue.