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Pet-Friendly: What it Means for your Vacation Home

So, you’re trying to get a leg up over the competition by labeling your property as ‘pet-friendly.’ Before you commit to the claim, be sure you and your home are ready for the lovable abuse that an animal brings into the mix.  We’ve included a few quick tips on what to do to make your home ready for furry friends…

Pets, especially puppies and dogs are curious.  Whether it’s what’s hiding behind the cupboards or whizzing past on the street- they want to know what is going on.  Puppy gates on the doors to prohibited areas are a must.  Also, consider investing in a few clamps, so that prying noses can’t get into anything dangerous behind cupboards and in toilets.

Chemicals, medicine and garbage, oh my! Any of these things left splashed on the floor or uncovered is not only fair game to our critters but can be lethal. After your cleaning crew comes through and makes your home nice and shiny, it is important to ensure that any cleaners are thoroughly cleaned up.  One lick of bleach and…well you get it.

Finally, put plants and cords out of reach.  Many common household plants (lilies, azaleas, geraniums…) can cause severe sickness and even death. Really.  Check here to see if your plant poses a threat. Puppies and kittens love to nibble (read: mangle) anything in their sight.  Be sure that electrical cords are tied up or covered with tape.
Don’t forget the fun stuff.  Dogs especially love to play.  Have a Frisbee and a couple tennis balls stashed so that the pups get their fun time on vacation in too.

These are just a few, basic suggestions to get your house ready for guests of all types.  It is important that you list what type of pet-proofing you have on your house so that guests with young animals can plan accordingly.