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From: Susan Lusk

To: FlipKey

Subject: Success!

I want to tell you how very pleased I’ve been with almost everything about Flipkey. The success rate of bookings to inquiries has far exceeded my expectations and my experiences with all other vacation rental sites. I am very impressed with Flipkey’s ease of use both for the vacation seeker and the property owner. For the shopper, all the info about a property is clearly shown and organized, each page is attractive and uncluttered, easy to navigate to whatever the client needs to make a decision.

For me, the owner, entering info was less painful than most other sites– very straightforward, well thought out, no glitches in uploading pics or other frustrating bugs. It’s been a pleasure to be subscribed to Flipkey– I’m SOLD! And I have been strenuously recommending your site to other homeowner friends looking for better success with their rentals.

I’ve had some trouble accessing my site recently while traveling and have to say customer service has been terrifically responsive in trying to help. In the end I think it was issues with the computer I was using, but I commend your customer service. Congratulations on getting it right, Flipkey!

Kind regards,
Susan Lusk