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Top Spots, Cash Cows and Castles (Travel Thursday)

Hawaiian Vacation RentalThe big news this week is that our friends at TripAdvisor have released their list of America’s Vacation Rental Hot Spots for 2011. Kissimmee, FL tops the list, which was determined based on:

TripAdvisor search data and site editors. These outstanding destinations offer a wealth of fun family activities and natural beauty, as well as plentiful vacation rental options for travelers looking to save money on their trips.

The complete list includes vacation destinations across the country: Big Bear, CA; Gatlinburg, TN; Kihei, HI; Destin, FL; Palm Springs, CA; Outer Banks, NC; Lahaina, HI; Hilton Head, SC; and Cape Cod, MA.

Across the pond in Europe, the 2010 Paris Furnished Apartment Market Report was released. The report features valuable information for anyone looking either to rent or  invest in a Paris apartment, including average cost per week, average cost per month, and average length of stay in Paris furnished apartments and vacation rentals.

Vacation property owners in any country who have not yet taken the plunge and begun offering their second home as a rental may want to read Sheryl Nance-Nash’s article in The Faster Times. Ms Nance-Nash points out that the math on vacation rentals is a no-brainer:

If you rent out your property only 17 weeks out of the year, the revenue you collect can pay your annual mortgage costs plus all other association rental bills. Rent it more than that you could even, gasp, make a profit.

For those looking to get away on vacation, I’ve seen several warm-weather destinations that almost have me convinced to part from the snowy Northeast. Destin, FL is gearing up for an exciting spring and summer season, with plenty of beach activities and golf options. More exotically inclined travelers may want to take advice from Jaunted.com and seek out Italian prime minister Berlusconi’s castle outside of Rome – with his upcoming trial looming, he won’t be needing it any time soon.