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Volume 7: Denver, Colorado

Meet Big Tree, a quintet out of Brooklyn, New York with high hopes and empty pockets. Three dashing young men and two friendly ladies make up this indie pop band. We are the luckiest people on the planet. Our job is to drive from one amazing place to the next, play a show, make new friends, and explore new cities. While we’re on the road, FlipKey invited us to share our experiences living like locals everywhere we go.

After driving through the desert and watching the tumbleweeds roll by on the highway, Denver was a welcome change of scenery. Evergreens, mountains, hippies and music awaited us in this land of serenity, and we were sure we’d found some kind of utopia.

Denver, CO

The most stress we experienced during our stay was at a sandwich shop, but boy, was it worth it! We rolled into Denver and loaded into the venue early, starving and needing to stretch our legs. The bartender pointed us in the direction of Snarf’s, the best place to get a sub. It’s hard to find food that five people are always in the mood for, but sandwiches are a pretty safe bet for the bandmates of Big Tree. The line to order went out the door, and the tables were all full inside and out, but we waited our turn and got huge, delicious subs. This place makes its own old-fashioned fountain drinks and milkshakes, as well. Not expensive, and SO GOOD!

Cheeseman Park, DenverNeeding to walk off our big lunch before the gig, we found a nearby park and brought a Frisbee to throw around. Cheeseman Park was full of babies, couples, and athletes. The grass was just starting to grow back after a long winter and we soaked up the rays as we digested and wrote a set list for the evening’s show.

On the way back to the show, we decided to grab a drink at another local bar where we had wanted to play  (the date was already booked). The Meadowlark Bar is a cute, cozy venue with a small stage and an awesome vibe. The bartender was the friendliest, and knew a lot about the goings-on around town. We enjoyed our drinks outside while we watched the sunset and some people walking by.

When we set up our gear at the Larimer Lounge, we knew we had chosen the right place after all. The hall was packed with locals drinking cheap beer and enjoying both the inside areas and the patio. With a great stage and a private green room, the Larimer had everything a band could want! It filled up with dancing locals and live music, and became a magical space for the band and the audience.

The next day we drove a few miles west of Denver to spend some time in Evergreen, Colorado. Exactly what the name implies, this town features beautiful mountains covered in tall pine trees and the smell of fireplaces everywhere you go. Beautiful wooden homes and cabins are hidden in the woods, and a huge lake lies close to the center of town. We had delicious coffee and walked along the streets peering into the different shops and restaurants before going on a long walk in the woods. We were glad to have a moment with nature before getting in the van once again for another long day of driving, gas stations, and fast food.