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Villa Volcanoes

Is your blood boiling like lava to squeeze in one fantastic vacation before the season turns? Well we have the perfect Ecuadorian retreat for you: Situated between 4 volcanoes (don’t worry they’re extinct) Villa Volcanoes Lodge will lower the fever and hep you relax in style. Imagine spending the last days of summer horseback riding, fishing in a secret lagoon or hiking alongside alpacas. This stunning five-bedroom lodge puts you and your family right where you want to be, and if you book now, a $100 gift certificate will help you relax in the spa.

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Villa Soleil

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Egyptian Luxury Apartment

Is there anything better than having ocean views from your house? Head to Villa Soleil and enjoy ocean views from the front and rear of the house so you can see spectacular beaches no matter where you relax. Three different nearby beaches provides guests with plenty of options, and the expansive deck with a bar and grilling area it’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the beach sun.People talk about living like a king, how about living like a pharaoh instead? No, we’re not sure of the distinction either, but ‘Pharaoh’ sounds way better. Whatever your title, this Luxury Apartment by the Red Sea makes a great kingdom. Located 5 minutes from the beach, you can spend your days tanning in the sun or just walking through this beautiful town and enjoying the Egyptian lifestyle.

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Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

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Lake Lure Cabins

This exquisite property in the Dominican Republic is located within a short walking distance of a beautiful white sand beach as well as the actual town so that you can enjoy this quaint, unspoiled village without a car. That’s not all! There is a wide range of activities available nearby, ranging from humpback whale watching to waterfall excursions.Want to just get away? Head out to the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and let the quiet sounds of nature soothe your soul. Immerse yourself in good ole Mother Nature, relax by the pond or try picking fresh local strawberries. The two cabins at Preston’s Thicket can be rented separately, or you can bring the whole family, rent both and get enough space to actually enjoy a family reunion.