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When you’ve had a nice time at a Vacation Home and you want to thank the owner – particularly if you want first pick of some popular vacation dates next year – leaving a gift can be a thoughtful and fun way to express your gratitude.  For all the following gift ideas, remember to keep in mind the décor of the house and the location – beach homes are different from mountain homes, which are different from urban apartments.

Say Thanks!

1.   Pillows

Any decorative additions to a house can be somewhat difficult – does it match the decor? is it to the owner’s taste? – but pillows are generally a sure bet.

2.   Books

If you took a great book on vacation with you, especially if it’s one of those beach bum sort of books, then it’s always nice to leave it behind when you’ve finished.  Most houses have a little collection of books for the guests to enjoy, and a small contribution is always appreciated.

3.   Vases

Vases are always useful – they’re perfect for flowers or any sort of display and difficult to get wrong.  If you want to leave a particularly nice gift, give a vase with some fresh flowers as well.

4.   Windchimes

Windchimes are charming and relaxing, they’re a unique gift that will give pleasure to guests and the owners alike.

5.   Board games

Even the greatest vacation can face a rainy day or two.  To help others get through the gloom, you can always buy a board game.  Anything works, but take into account whether the house is aimed at adults or families and try to buy for the appropriate audience.

6.   Kitchenware

Most owners just stock the kitchen with the essentials, but everyone appreciates specialized tools.  If there’s no blender or toaster or good chef’s knife, then these are perfect gifts.

7.   Gift baskets

If you want to get more personal, you can always send the owners a gift basket, or leave a basket of goodies for the next renter.  One great idea – a s’mores basket, with all the necessary ingredients to make s’mores.

8.   Wine

You can almost never go wrong with wine. Even if the owners don’t want it, a future renter will.

9.   Frames

Many homes are filled with photos and paintings. The gift of a frame can be creative, useful and thoughtful.

10.  Special food

Along the lines of kitchenware, kitchens are often stoked with salt and pepper and some herbs and spices, but you can always leave some goodies behind for the next renter.  Maybe some good chocolate, a nice spice rack or anything that you wished had been there when you arrived.