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The Perks of Professional Property Managers

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by Julie Byrd

There’s some chance that if you go at it alone when you’re booking a vacation property you might hit the jackpot—great space, easy setup with the owners, smooth payment process, and dream getaway. But when those things don’t work out—the property is not as it’s advertised, the owners don’t answer emails, your security deposit disappears into the ether—it can be a nightmare.

Going through rental professionals secures your vacation peace of mind on multiple levels you might not consider them when you’re planning your trip, but that prove to be essential when you’ve arrived (and the keys don’t fit the door). Rental professionals provide pre-trip planning, flexibility in site selection, a wealth of information on the best activities and most interesting things to see while you’re vacationing, and the assistance to prevent (or fix) trip disasters in the making.

Let’s look at the ways rental professionals help your trip be your dream holiday:

  • Diversity of properties

Need a secluded romantic getaway for just you two? Have to have a separate casita for the kids? Can’t relax unless there’s a pool table in the game room? Agencies have listings galore and they know their details down to how many spoons are in the silverware drawer. Ask and you shall receive.

  • Your Best Interests Served

Agency pros truly want you to be happy with your holiday. Booking agents will have real conversations with you about what you are looking for on your trip, and suggest options that you might never consider. You select the property that best reflects YOUR interests, and all of your choices will be paramount.

  • Customer Service

If the gardeners are normally scheduled to come to your villa on Sunday morning, but you love to sleep late, no problem. We’ll make an adjustment for you. Did you forget to tell us that you had to do some emergency gift shopping the day you arrive? No trouble: give us a call from your property, and we’ll hook you up. The lines are open.

  • Payment Options (and Extra Costs Banished)

You’ll have the opportunity to set up a payment schedule that fits your pocket. And you’ll never see hidden charges pop up–we spell all the figures out in advance of your trip.

  • Relocation Potential

Should the property be not what’s advertised, or should some integral property facility fail while you’re there, we’ll quickly assess the situation and whisk you away to an equally nice venue if necessary.

  • Flexibility

If something comes up and you can’t make your trip, we’ll do everything we can to reschedule the excursion for the time that’s right for you.

  • Travel Insurance and Legal issues

We will set you up with a travel insurance plan that will cover any needed contingencies, and take all the worries away regarding unforeseen incidents. We also provide you with information on legal matters (and customs) common to the country you’re visiting.

  • Area Experts

Yes, you can look at some travel guide and get the usual “You must visit this hopping bar,” or “This restaurant’s not to be missed.” But those are so often the canned “best-of” entries you see in every guidebook. Our agents have been to the properties, spent time in the surrounding cities, know EXACTLY which restaurant or bar has the best appetizers. (Hey, it’s a hard job, but …) We can tell you, from experience, not only what’s the best, but what’s the most interesting, out of the way, odd or unusual. You won’t get that out of a book.

Sure, you could always go commando in booking your own rentals, but why go through the bother and still have to face so many unknowns? Stack the deck in your favor: roll with the pros, settle back in your hammock and relax. It’s a sure thing.

Julie Byrd is the director of sales at Earth, Sea, and Sky Vacations, ranked the #1 villa rental agent in Mexico by Conde Nast Traveler.