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by Mary White

Romantic Dinner for TwoA nice stay on the beach, candlelit dinners in the mountains, or breakfast cooked by someone else… Sound like an adventure or the second honeymoon you’ve always wanted? Romantic getaways are always a goal for couples, but the planning is often what keeps them from taking this much needed trip. Whether they don’t know where to begin, can’t pull themselves away from a busy schedule, or simply aren’t able to find a destination they agree upon, couples often hesitate when attempting to plan their getaway.  But by answering just a few questions, you and your significant other can be on your way to an easily planned and organized vacation that you’ll both enjoy.

The first hiccup in planning to overcome is to decide upon a destination.  Do you have activities in mind?  Will food play a role in your trip’s location?  Sit down with your beloved and agree upon a travel spot you both can enjoy. A compromise may be necessary here such as choosing a halfway point or shared spot of interest.  (And, if you truly can’t agree, take turns – whoever folds gets to pick the next trip!)

The most important part of planning a long weekend is choosing where to stay.  Because this is a romantic getaway and not just your run-of-the-mill family vacation, consideration to your romantic accommodations should be made. Just because you’ve chosen a charming town doesn’t mean your place of rest will be charming, private and comfortable. Research is an essential part to planning a successful and relaxing trip and, luckily, this special place might only be a few clicks away. There are many directories online for vacation home rentals and bed and breakfasts, which include romantic rooms, suites, cottages, and even private homes. Reviews are also posted that offer first-hand accounts of others’ stays in your chosen lodging.

Finally, you’ll want to plan activities for you and your sweetie. Perhaps you’re outdoors types who enjoy hiking and having an afternoon picnic. Or maybe your planned getaway is simply to, well, get away. Pack along some of your favorite movies and a bottle of champagne to help celebrate a relaxing weekend. Whatever your style, make sure the weekend is one that you and your loved one will be able to enjoy together.

The next time you think about taking a romantic vacation, don’t let the hassles or stress of planning get in the way of what should be an intimate holiday. Rather, do some simple research and then enjoy each other’s company.

Mary White is the Founder of BnBFinder.com, a leading bed & breakfast listing site and author of Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies.  Find more bed & breakfast stories at http://www.bnbfinder.com/blog/ or follow BnBFinder on Twitter @BnBFinder.

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